Maria Galvez

Maria Galvez has a wonderful way with people!  She was an Ideal Protein coach with Trios Health.  When VIP Weight Loss acquired the Trios Ideal Protein program in October of 2014, we were so fortunate to add Maria to our team!  Her warm smile and desire to help her clients lose weight and find success is unparalleled.  She is especially gifted at working with clients who have more than a few pounds to lose and has helped many clients lose more than 100 lbs. Her own success at losing weight helps her to understand her clients needs.  Maria is bilingual in English and Spanish.  She works Tuesday thru Friday. 


Susan Burrup is a part time coach who has been part of Vista Ideal Protein almost from the beginning!  She was the second person we added to the team back in 2010.  Susan loves the Ideal Protein program and uses her skills to help her clients succeed!  Susan is a great listener, and understands the weight loss journey from personal experience.  You will love working with Susan if you are seen on Tuesday evening, Thursday or Friday, and are lucky enough to be put on her roster!