Summer tips!!  

WATER!  Be sure to drink enough!  The sun and the higher temps will dry you out before you realize it.  Drink water for the best hydration.  You can add some cucumber, lemon or lime to add a little flavor if you would prefer.  Drink BEFORE you are thirsty

Vacations and special events can be a challenge.  You can be successful by planning ahead and making sure there are foods handy that you can have.  If you do go off of your program, just believe in yourself and get right back on.  There is no failure until you stop trying. 

Get outside!  The nice weather is good for the body and the soul.  While on Ideal Protein you don't want to do hard core strenuous activity, but you do want to move and be generally active.  Low intensity activity of any duration will help to burn fat!  Get out to a park or work in your yard, or go catch some Pokemon!  (Go team Blue...)  

Most important!  Love yourself at every weight, and love yourself enough to reach your health goals.  We care and are here to help you!