Day 44 of 100

After losing 87 pounds in early 2010, I have let my weight creep back up.  I liked living in denial.  I swear that I could look in the mirror and think  "I still look pretty good".  At first most of my clothes still fit, then some, then fewer.  I added items to my closet, and didn't want to face the fact that I had gained back about 45 lbs.   Half of my weight was back.  

I played with the ideal protein diet---almost doing it.  As we all know--if you alter the program, you alter the results.  I didn't get the results that I should have, but liked to fool myself into thinking I was making progress, even though slow.....  

So this April, we went to Seattle as an Ideal Protein team.  I HATED when I saw the pictures!  I had lost 15 lbs or so in 9 months, but had a good 30 lbs or more of extra weight.  How can I lead this amazing team if I am the heavy one?!?  

So, I embarked on a serious journey.  100 days of super strict Ideal Protein protocol.  I will do exactly 100 days.  If the program works like it is supposed to, I will be down the 30 pounds that I need to lose.  It has not been easy.  It will be worth it!

I am at day 44.  I have had pancake breakfasts, parties, graduations, out of town company, and have baked cookies for children who came to see me. Both a son and husband with birthdays, my mom was briefly hospitalized, and other stresses and craziness have not stayed at bay.  Life doesn't stop while we diet!  But guess what?!?!  When you stick with it, you get the results.  I am down 18 lbs so far, and people are noticing the weight loss.  I guess that means that they had noticed the weight gain---I was only fooling myself. 

On Monday 06/15--I will be at day 50.  Halfway there!   Ideal Protein does work.  It is not a vaccine against obesity.  It will not stop me from going back to old bad habits.  I am learning along with everyone else.  We all can learn to healthy and stay there! 

So--on to a beautiful day!