VIP Weight Loss Services

Tonight I am getting to lead our Ideal Protein information Seminar.  I haven't done one in over a year, and will probably make a few mistakes by getting things out of order.  It will still be FUN!  I love helping people to learn how to lose weight and feel great.   It is hard to believe that it has been 5 years since I was on my major weight loss journey.  I still remember how hard it was to be 255 lbs.  I hated not being able to buy clothes in the normal clothing department--and in being full of anxiety about how I looked.  It was awful to travel for my job and to think that the person who was beside me on the plane was unhappy that they were sitting by a "large" woman.  It was hard to present myself in the medical field as a software and management consultant when I knew my own health was out of control. 

So tonight, I will meet some new people.  Maybe they only have a little weight to lose to feel better and wear cute clothes for the summer.  They might have many pounds to lose and have a longer journey ahead to find better health.  Either way, it is wonderful to be here to show them it can be done, and to have such a great staff to support them as they work the protocol.  

All in all----and great way to spend part of an evening!