We began in 2010 as part of Vista Family Health with just me (Brenda) and 5 patients at the familly practive office willing to give this a try.  Successful clients lead to growth beyond our expectations!  by 2014 we had 6 employees and over 170 active clients to coach and help each week.  In July of 2014 we separated from Vista Family Health and became VIP Weight Loss Services  (Vista Ideal Protein).  In October of 2014 we aquired the TRIOS HEALTH Ideal Protein program and moved both of their locations into our growing program.  

It has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I have had.  Not only did I lose 87 pounds and change my life, but I changed the way my family deals with food and a healthy diet.  We have had so many clients over the last 5+ years who have lost weight (some over 200 pounds!) and we are changing lives. 

I hope you will contact us and join our group of successful clients and friends. 

Brenda Flesher