Here are tips to help you avoid blowing your program for Halloween!

DO NOT BUY YOUR CANDY AHEAD OF TIME.  Why have temptation sitting in your home?  If feels like a giant fail when you have eaten the Halloween candy and you need to purchase more for the actual trick or treat children.  (I might know this one a little too well….lived it, learned, can do better!)

DO NOT BUY YOUR FAVORITE CANDY.  Don’t buy the really bad types. You want your neighbors to like you, but why have your absolute favorite candy treat tempting you?

GET THE CANDY OUT OF THE HOUSE NOVEMBER 1ST.   You can take it to work, to the teen homeless shelter, to the food bank, to a school.  Some dentists accept the candy and send it to our active duty troops.  Is there a club, service organization, or any other good place you can think of to take it?  Just get it out of your house as quickly as possible.  Actually throwing it out is better than binge eating it…we promise!

TRY GIVING OUT A NON-CANDY TREAT.  Microwave popcorn, small gift cards, small toys, etc.

AVOID NEGATIVE FORTUNE TELLING.  “I won’t be able to resist”, “I can’t control myself once I start eating sugar”.   Invest in Positive fortune telling instead; “I can handle this. I am not forced, and am choosing to make healthy choices”.

IF YOU HAVE A PIECE OF CANDY, STOP WITH 1.  Accept that you ate something not currently in line with your goals, but move on quickly.  Give yourself credit for stopping.  Don’t dwell on mistakes, focus on the positive corrective thoughts and actions.

REMEMBER OTHER PEOPLE REALLY AREN’T WATCHING.  If you feel social pressure to indulge, remember it is only as big a deal as you make it.  If you quietly move on, so will everyone else. 

EAT WELL AND HAVE SOMETHING HEALTHY FOR YOURSELF HANDY.  It is easier to lose control of your plan when you let yourself get ravenously hungry, thirsty, or tired.   Remember to drink your water, and have something to munch and crunch on that is part of your plan. 

IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT CANDY!  Enjoy dressing up if that makes you happy.  Greet those little goblins and princesses and help make their holiday fun, safe, and special.  Time goes too fast, and children grow up. If you don’t enjoy answering your door, have someone else do it, and do a different activity.  You are not even required to be home if you want to go out and skip a year completely.  Do what works best for you! 

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